Who owns the court reporting transcript?

Court reporters reserve the right to sell their transcripts and therefore are privileged during high profile cases to ‘collect’ some well-earned money. As a result, although transcripts may not be copyright, they are often quite difficult to have quick access to.

Transcripts are normally filed with the court clerks and as a result are deemed as public records; therefore implying that they may be copied and given to attorneys, and the general public.

However the question still lurks throughout the legal arena and among the general public that if court reporters do not have ownership or copyrights to the transcription, why do they have access and control to sell and distribute them?  It remains evident that laws have been effected giving court reporters the right to sell the transcripts they produce, even though they are clearly paid by the public and that court recordings are indeed public records. According to legislature the court reporter has a right to supplement his income by preparing transcripts and offering transcription services. This provides the state another avenue whereby they are not required to bear the full cost related to transcription production and other transcription services. This is referred to as the dual compensation structure. This is officially sanctioned by the legal system in order to legally generate a supplementary income for the court reporter.


4 Reasons Legal Offices Use Video Conferencing

Today, We are talking about those reasons for what the legal offices are using video conferencing and we mentioned all these reasons below:


1. Face To Face Meeting:


Legal offices using video conferencing option to make employees together from multiple offices and places at a venue where they can talk to each other face to face while they sitting different placing.


2. Interview for Positions:


Usually legal offices are using video conferencing for taking interviews specially when their office is so far from the interview place like in other city, state or country. They select candidate online after getting online interviews that's also a reason to use video conferencing option in legal offices.


3. Interact People from Home:


Legal offices are using video conferencing option to interact those people who are not in office at the moment and they are important to present in meeting (official meeting) to take a part in meeting discussion so they using video conferencing option to full fill this distance gape.


4. Meeting with Witness:


Recorded videos and statements are those witnesses which legal offices are using to win their cases. In video conferencing you not given any preparation time to give right answer and all these moments, answers and hesitations are record able that can be a prove for attorneys.


If you have any other reason in your knowledge which we not mentioned above then please let us know through your comments we would love to consider your provided reason to add it here at our list.



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Video Conferencing for the Legal Industry